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There are print dress with a small coup
Each girl's wardrobe at least one print dress, you do not know what to wear tomorrow when a casual dress can be the United States and the United States to go out. A lot of girls sometimes is not printed dress are dressed, but do not know how to match the shoes with it? Do not worry, look at Xiaobian recommended several print dress jordan 1 with a few models of shoes, according to wear accurate.

Demonstration with: white casual board shoes + print dress

White casual shoes and print dress with a relatively comfortable kind of it will not put the instep of a black to a white pattern, walking is also very safe. Xiao Bian suggested that if the girls are going out to walk around, then pick a pattern of rich print dress and then take the casual shoes, it can take you to any place, but also in and too complicated pattern.

Black fish head high heels + black print dress + white handbag

air jordans for sale Black high heels is every girl are indispensable shoes, fish mouth high heel and print dress with almost no taboo. Of course, this taboo does not include the color of the high heels always give all the women a pair of more beautiful legs, summer knee dress with high heels will make the girls look more slender legs look good.

Black Carrefour shoes + black print two-piece dress

Le Fu shoes simple and generous appearance can always bring a variety of goodwill. Speaking than the ladies section of the dress, Carrefour shoes will be more suitable for rock style or jordan 7 cool little print dress. Compared to the casual shoes and high-heeled elegance, it is more comfortable with the print dress is handsome.

Silver Sandals + Chiffon Print Dress

When it comes to chiffon printing dress skirt, we always think of the beach sunset and long hanging skirt tail. In this case you ask me what kind of shoes the best? Of course is a pair of suitable sandals. Its thin lace wrapped around your delicate feet, for you to outline the best foot type. If the sun is too large, please remember to apply sunscreen, so as not to leave the imprint of different shades.

Thick sandals + chiffon printing dress skirt

Spring spring always bring a lot of beautiful reverie, a print dress can definitely help you getting better, and then with a pair of thick shoes, perfect extremely!