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This pair of shoes with jeans, feminine burst watch
Jeans as a hot item in the girl's closet, because it itself originated in the western American miners and cowboy's clothing, so it has a tough and handsome personality, which is also doped with some uninhibited and free and easy character. If you want to dress more feminine, you need some women's very strong shoes to reconcile.

Jeans + pointed shoes

Pointed-toe shoes are the most feminine ones. In the modified leg type, pointed shoes have a sense of visual extension, can make the leg lines long and air jordans for sale thin, and also have to modify the legs more delicate. With jeans, you can get a charming and moving temperament in minutes.

The elegant checkered design brings retro-inspired features. The asymmetrical sloping design modifies the lines of the liver and gives ample coverage to the feet, giving a better extension to the leg lines. High-heeled shoes not only improve height, but also enhance temperament and gas field.

Jeans + Kitten

If you say that there is a kind of shoes that can not only have the comfort of slippers, but also have the temperament of high-heeled shoes, but also have a high face value of pointed shoes, it must be a non-kitten and must be, is the young girl's new darling. Pairing jeans and kittens is the dress of an elegant little woman.

Concise shoe type, with a classic square buckle design, elegant and elegant on the feet, exquisite and stylish. The upturned retro jordans curvature and metallic luster of the buttons increase the overall texture of the shoe. The exquisite kittens have comfortable upper feet and are not tired, but they can also play an increasing role to some extent.

Jeans + sandals

jordan 7 The weather is getting hotter, it's time to play sandals, and sandals are a must-have item in the summer shoe. The word belt is a perfect match for its simple and elegant version, practical and sexy wearing experience, and matching jeans.

Concise word design, simple and generous, there is no extra decoration, there is no overly complex design. It is easier to match and control. Rough high-heeled design can not only increase the role, but also do not tired feet, wearing a comfortable, text and more stylish atmosphere.