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This season's matching shoes is also very important, easy to wear out of temperament
In spring and summer, it is the "peak season" of pants. Nine pants can not only show long legs, but also can be thin. No matter what the shape of the trousers, cheap jordans the length jordan 11 of nine leg length effect is first-rate, nine pants just revealing thin ankles, but also a thin golden rule. Another advantage of cheap jordan shoes the nine pants is that it can completely show your beauty shoes.

Nine pants + high heels, any height girls are suitable for nine points pants + high heels combination, not only can be significantly higher, but also for the weekdays to add gas field. High-heeled shoes stretched the proportions and added the feeling of a young woman. Wearing them can also be very personal.

Nine pants + small white shoes, sports shoes with nine minutes of jeans 80's retro style, comfortable and good control, but also bring a retro and cute age-reduction effect. No matter what kind of occasion, what kind of material can be used with small white shoes.

jordan sneakers Nine points black feet pants, is definitely a must-have all year round, timeless classic single product, handsome and stylish enough wild, and black itself in the visual has a very significant thin role, there is it Blessing can definitely make your legs curve slim and long.

You can also choose a style with a hole, generally choose this type of slightly split in the knee side, stylish double, you can also visually move your knee position through the hole, so as to stretch the lower leg Long clever effect.

Nine minute micro-pants + boots, nine minutes of micro-breast pants have already quietly returned, and quickly swept the entire fashion circle. It evolved over time into a modern, elegant and stylish piece.