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Tide men's shoes with a pair of seconds to take a male Feel
Shoes like a man's second face, the sister a look to know that you are full of flowers or flowers full of belly shoes and shoes with the color of the pants can often determine the overall dress quality, the wrong combination is likely to create a failed shape The In fact, as long as the master with a few of these tips can easily complete the overall shape, come and see it together.

sports shoes

jordan 11 Since the world has been blowing a wave of sports, sports shoes can be said to occupy the major layout, the major brands have also launched their own sports air jordan shoes. Leaving aside fashion do not say, sports shoes wild and comfortable, especially white sneakers, never out of date, not yet can start to consider Oh!

casual shoes

From brand-name sports shoes to canvas shoes, casual shoes is a lot of people choose. Jeans right with men's casual shoes can make your style to reach the new height, but also bring a comfortable wearing feelings.

If you choose the shoes is a neutral color, that dark jeans with self-cultivation of visual effects. A new jordans simple polo shirt or cardigan sweater can be perfectly matched.

Martin boots

Believe it or not, boots and jeans have been considered to be very cool. But they are not your only option. Shallow shoes have a variety of materials, is now also very popular.

They can dress up with a suitable denim jacket and jeans. Choose a dark jeans with lines. Are very appropriate oh ~