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Trendy and good-looking sneakers to wear
For the feet, a pair of comfortable and stylish shoes is just too important, this year's sports shoes, the wind has actually swept the entire fashion circle. In the street shooting can see the figure of sports shoes, which makes sports shoes shine, giving fashion with countless ways to match people

jordan 10 Although jordan 13 with many girls are more willing to match high heels, in fact, put on wild and comfortable casual shoes is also very trendy, so taking advantage of this stock casual style, today we will introduce to you all kinds of Sneakers like to wear.

Casual shoes wear lazy casual style

Skirt and harness dress with denim jacket with casual shoes overall look very coordinated, simple and neat mix and match filled with a sense of fashion, whether it is daily wear or friends and go out to play can easily navigate. Skirt with sports shoes is the most trendy to wear fashion new jordans is up to people's favorite, the most common street shooting is sweater and skirt with casual shoes both classic and very Fan. Long sleeve design, graceful Sleeve slender arm, casual atmosphere, loose version is very thin, even a little fat girl can control, such a denim jacket with feet pants in the above casual shoes, to create a sense of youthful leisure Fully lazy Fan. Very comfortable casual shoes, stitching hit the color is very eye-catching, fur with a retro sense of the thick warm and thick inside the wool windbreak wear-resistant rubber at the edge, to create outstanding grip, the overall simplicity of both jeans jordans for sale and casual pants can be comfortable out street

Casual shoes to take generous calm

Slim leggings, was thin cutlery, not only can be modified legs, but also very hip, effectively suppress the fat, modified hip type, showing the curve, hole elements to increase the trend of black pants elements, with casual Shoes can be very leggy Oh.

Casual shoes wear a little fat girl

Few fat girls in the wear to get very distressed, in fact, can choose with the black line, because the black line itself has a thin function, it is suitable for micro-fat girls, the overall black for autumn and winter, was thin and easy-going, everyday wear absolute no problem. Loose version of the design, with the free and easy, wide sleeves to wear not only to the arm to leave the appropriate space for activities, and modified slender arm, solid color coat, gives the feeling is very simple, there is a cool feeling, Slippery, skin-friendly comfort and texture.

Do the old processing of casual shoes, high-quality workmanship, to create extraordinary extraordinary temperament, lining and velvet thick, suitable for wearing this season, as a wave of shoes to wear a single product, the geometry can be said that the streets of a necessary person, The whole silhouette of the shoe body and tailoring natural elegance, upper body with a loose black jacket with black pants under the pants, outlines the extraordinary temperament