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Walking non-stop, but also love light and comfortable small white shoes
Little white shoes boom began in the popular white, and then has been everyone's favorite, because it is comfortable and super good ride, jordan 7 runaway shopping are all not afraid. Now it is still belong to the street shoes, show field street exposure high. If the shoes can only choose a pair, it must be a small white shoes ~

Whether it is classic, or add embroidery, fight color, graffiti and other elements of the small white shoes are concave shape essential goods, it can almost match everything in the closet.

1, with jeans

Small white shoes and jeans has been a classic match, rate of freedom, wild pick out. Take a long coat, fashionable Fan children ~

2, with a shirt

Small white shoes to join and shirt half skirt of the professional sense, mixed with a small leather dress fashion sense.

jordans for sale 3, with wide leg pants

V-neck T-shirt to wear wide leg pants, T-shirt hem into the pants, take a thin section of denim jacket, with a small white shoes exposed ankle, minutes cheap jordan shoes piercing big legs

4, with suit pants, suit collar jacket

A short length of the suit pants to catch small white shoes, handsome and stylish. White Tee wide leg pants with a small white shoes with a suit jacket and no sense of violation, but fashion sense doubled, full of gas field.

5, with a body skirt

Long coat, revealing yarn skirt skirt, lazy and Xianqi, coupled with small white shoes, easy to create casual fashion sense. But this collocation method may be more suitable for tall and thin. Put the shirt clothes into the yarn skirt, to create a high waist line, exposed legs with small white shoes, small retro jordans for sale man can wear large long legs ~

6, with shorts

Small white shoes and high waist shorts is also a classic match, comfortable and refreshing and can optimize the proportion of the perfect, easy to wear 170 both view of the sense of ~ body wearing a black ride she looks full range of children! Plus a pair of Celine small white shoes finishing touch, immediately brighten the overall shape ~

7 thick latex white shoes suitable for with nine points jeans

Soft and comfortable small white shoes with deep-colored jeans are good. Printing this process is not only suitable for clothes, pants are also suitable for small white shoes, so the printing of small white shoes look more out of color, design is also very strong sense. Fashionable white canvas small white shoes with holes perfect jeans. British wind little white shoes is very easy with clothing, such as polished jeans, wide leg pants are a good choice. Matsushita small white shoes with black underwear just right. Fashion and vitality of the small white shoes regardless of fashion or jeans, you can show legs long, with dark jeans more out of color.