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Want to go hiking, how to choose the right shoes?
Hiking is often considered the closest activity to nature. There is no doubt that shoes are the most important equipment for walkers. Wearing a pair of suitable hiking shoes will make your journey as fast as possible, quality walking shoes will make you every step to keep teething. Now small enlightenment to teach you how to choose the right shoes.

Choose what kind of soles need to consider the following points: See usage, where to go is what the geographical environment, the general softer soles for a simple terrain, harder outsole is suitable for walking on the complex pavement. Look at the texture, horizontal stripes with the most solid stanchion. Look at the adhesive, whether it is solid or not smell. Look at the function, whether with cushioning, strong support and so on. Structurally speaking, a large part of the comfort of hiking shoes in the shoe sole and linked to the upper part. Cushioning function is essential for hiking shoes, long-distance walking most obvious. Buffered walking shoes can reduce the damage to the lower limbs by 50%.

jordans on sale After determining the outsole part from the vamp, how to choose? Depends on a few key. Waterproof, breathable, wear resistance. In addition outdoor shoes are very easy to dirty, so the more simple the more jordan shoes appropriate structure.

There are some details you must pay attention to: toe, outdoor shoes generally require higher toe, usually in the toe position to increase the outer thickness, better protection of the toes. Therefore, when buying hiking shoes remember tiptoe can not withstand the toe, to keep the toes can be a little scratched space. Upper, upper by the upper and lining composition, how the comfort of shoes is mainly to look at the lining, good lining design can be the best fit foot. Upper cortex hand press a few to see if you can quickly rebound. Heel the best purchase with a hanging line, easy to use hanging shoes. In the purchase of hiking shoes must try a few more pairs, especially the combination of soles and upper parts, ankle and foot is not fully consistent with the shoe body.

Shoes are an important guarantee for hiking, choose not to play shoes is a great deal of suffering. Do not be too concerned about the price of shoes, you can buy yourself a good pair of hiking shoes, after all, shoes can wear for a long time, if the foot injury that may outweigh the benefits of the last little public wish everyone happy travel.