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Wear comfortable shoes go wonderful way, small white shoes, you really understand the romantic you

Hate the sky look good, not only through the people who know the unsightly, even the audience also expressed sympathy, so, put aside all kinds of flashy, set the rate and playful in one of the young girls, more emphasis on comfort and fashion Of the standard and this, a variety of small white shoes came into being, wonderful style of hand, how romantic you understand. The quality of people not only to wear fashion, but also to wear out their own unique, with the small white shoes, if all wear the same feeling is not the temptation of uniforms, but the school uniforms generally daunting, so fresh, Straw, bright skin, letter logo, minutes to get tall. Not all dress are suitable for leisure, in a particular fashion which is a little bit of the need to pick out and gorgeous texture, cross the hollow of the novel, reckless personality, not the band is better than the elegant new jordans and elegant romantic, the British handsome charm extraordinary The

 If you want to set a standard image of leisure and fashion, flat lace is absolutely no choice, small white shoes in mind the youth of clean and innocent, but also interpretation of fresh and cool the best partner, of course, the most mirror also Look at the red and black two bars on the icing on the cake. Lazy shoes are not lazy, light with a small white shoes to scrubbing scouring care can be seen on the 12, followed by increased, if you really want to be a dirty queen, why care about leisure need to take into account the tall tall, so, One stone two birds, wonderful in the convenient and fashionable. Question: small white shoes = leisure? A: Of course not. Small white shoes three words is not a leisure endorsement, but a color in a particular style graceful graceful, like not all the pack skirt must have high heels, a shiny metal buckle will be able to earn enough knowledge Sonorous atmosphere.

Who did not love the high heels? The answer is really hard to say, the difference lies in the style and style of the wind into the small white shoes to increase, to the tall tall taller, compared to the small high-heel is not a little splendid splendor, rainbow lace can not Block also make small high-heel with nothing. Wear fashionable and not the same, not to be maverick, but the classic and the big pull the wind but must understand, black and white splicing personality detached almost can afford to hold all the colors of the fashion industry, as the Velcro and mesh hollow, handsome Hot tide fever has always been high, worthwhile to fall in love with those years. Although it is heavy pine cake, but still can not stop the college sweet rate really pure atmosphere, not for the other, for the big carved with a small round of the subtle character, pure so I, thick and inside is the youth to catch up with fashionable Of the shortcut, the shoes stream line is also a hundred years classic.

The best is both fashionable and comfortable, to meet this condition is certainly partial to the movement of leisure, relatively pure leisure stream line, this season with love and full of dynamic fashion, clever use of three-dimensional stitching to add some bright spots, also Static also move the youth pull the wind will be totally natural.