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Wear this 4 pairs of flat shoes, 160 can also wear large long legs
Although high heels can modify the calf, stretching the proportion of the leg was significantly higher, but high heels can not often wear that wear too long will damage the health of the body, such as what deformation of the toes, so occasionally give their feet A fake, and sometimes flat shoes on the election, one meter six can also wear clothing big leg said.

No1, straps with flat shoes

Strap design shoes, very ballet shoes feel Oh, very strong on the feet of the Western style, it is the feeling of the princess it And the biggest air jordan feature of the banding shoes is thin, can be a good modification of the foot type, this shoe is also suitable for the amount of the same with the skirt Oh

Rivets decorated with a trace of handsome feeling, the tip is very nice to say that the European and American style full of design models, retro and fashion combination of style, gentle and sexy models, especially good match, fashion and sexy gave You say that

No2, flat white shoes

Very young students of a small white shoes, Velcro design to wear up particularly convenient Oh, flat shoes is also very good to see it, especially in summer with the skirt to wear, it is a fashion sense out of jordan 7 it

Mesh stitching design of small white shoes, really very nice to say that the lace mesh decoration makes the shoes will not be monotonous Oh, this shoe feet more handsome, and leather wear to wear is also super comfortable.

No3, pointed flat shoes

Pearl decoration elegant and temperament that is very attention, shoes are suede, very retro feeling, not only good-looking style, the feet are also very comfortable to say that it is suitable for commuter wear Oh!

retro jordans for sale Leather buckle decorated fashionable and nice, so look very handsome to say that the foot is also very thin section of the money, the foundation is the kind of super soft, too long to walk is not afraid, even the flat shoes, you can walk The wind

No4, flat ballet shoes

Retro shoes, the foot is really too temperament to say that the decorative bow is to jordan 13 add a sweet feeling, and this shoe is best suited to wear with a small skirt! If necessary occasions must wear high heels, you can prepare a pair of such flat shoes in the car or the office said.

Design of the ultra-retro shoes, the foot is also very comfortable, especially the fashion that the black was particularly thin, the foot is also pulled H, more retro feeling, walking is also very comfortable yet.