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What dress with what shoes? 5 kinds of skirt with shoes method
Skirt is a very good spring and summer season to wear a single product. Whether it is youthful lively mini skirt or elegant generous A word skirt or romantic full of long skirt. No skirt, jordan 12 girls can not be called soft. But whether it is a type of skirt, need a pair of good shoes to assists modeling. So what skirt with what shoes? Look at the street shoot people are how to ride

Lace skirt + tie sandals

This lace dress is very feminine, so you inadvertently exudes a strong princess aristocratic temperament, chest with a shoulder, puff sleeves, bow design, the sweet index will increase the speed. Tie sandals mix out a cool feeling, this combination do not have flavor.

cheap jordans online Mini skirt + cat with heels

Cat heels just this year before the fire, the general is pointed in the low with the heel from top to bottom slowly by the coarse thin, very delicate also comes with retro, feminine, the retro jordans only bad point is probably, No matter what style of the cat heels are more obvious feet long, but the size of the foot normal, then this is not jordan 7 what

Canvas shoes + A word skirt

Cowboy skirt with canvas shoes is very girl atmosphere, coupled with simple T-shirt is very nice, the more simple the color can wear clothing texture, but still remember to use bright color accessories to light modeling Oh.

Skirt + casual shoes

Cowboy skirt with casual shoes and white shirt is a college atmosphere, coupled with the fashionable package, youth and vitality, so out of the street is also very steal the mirror Oh.

Half skirt + word with sandals

The elegance and knowledge of the word sandals are white-collar beauty's favorite, reject the design of the waterproof platform and the simple strip makes it simple and wild. Whether it is with what style skirt, it is always shaped luster rather than become cumbersome.

Apricot knitted sleeveless bottom vest with khaki fishtail skirt elegant and soft, with the color of the word with sandals is very high.

Ladies and gentlemen with umbrella skirt is a French woman's elegant tips, wearing a pair of metal color with sandals more delicate charm.