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What is the popular wide leg pants with the shirt?
With wide leg pants hot air struck, a lot of crush can not wait to follow the trend, leisure wide leg pants, is the spring of the self-cultivation tool! It seems that the spring of the mushroom is also coming.

Spring reunion, leisure retro wide leg pants resurgence, the streets have people show Guards big long legs, looking at the fashion circle a lot of big coffee will be worn wide leg pants so chic, Xiaobian I can not help but buy Bought it, this is really chop the season ah. But how will the wide leg pants fashion sense full, but also a long legs Have to look on the background of the jacket Oh.

cheap jordan shoes Wide leg pants + suit, gentle and moving for commute

Wide leg pants with a suit, the overall image of fashion, but also soft, whether commute or shopping, modeling sense is very! Even more surprising jordans for sale is the wide leg pants can make legs more beautiful lines Oh!

Wide leg pants + high collar shirt, soft neutral full range

In the days of the cold days, put on warm and full of high-necked shirt, matched with loose wide leg pants, the screen feel the bar. Winter can also be covered in a long coat outside, comfortable and not lack of soft temperament!

Wide leg pants + shrink sweater, filling the leisure knowledge

Shrinking sweater tight, short, warm at the same time so that the upper body dress is very delicate, coupled with wide leg pants to make modeling relaxation degree, very leisurely, is the pressure of the road with the heart Oh!

Wide leg pants + neutral shirt, neutral yet charming

The shirt into the high waist wide leg pants inside, to extend the proportion of the body it Meticulous shirt to catch the wind swaying wide leg pants, is the most perfect collision.

Wide leg pants easy to help you "uniform" sturdy new jordan shoes calf, together to turn the visual loss of new skills it! And how to think about how to lose weight every day, it is better to start a wide leg pants!

Pure white wide leg pants, fresh wind struck! So the crush can try to start a long section of pure white wide leg pants, visual elegance and fresh!

Print striped wide leg pants, elegant knowledge highlights OL temperament! Wide leg pants relaxed and relaxed, but also to wear to work. Choose a high waist printing wide leg pants, catch sleeveless lace shirt, capable and elegant!

7 points wide leg pants, the same "people high horse big"! If the body is not very pick, may wish to try 7 points wide leg pants, revealing a length of the legs can also make legs look more slender it

Wide leg pants to wear is simple, be regarded as a wild pants, starting from the shoes, the recent hot white shoes, canvas shoes, pointed high heels, waterproof platform can catch wide leg pants! Shirt, white shirt and wide leg pants is definitely on the standard CP it!

If the crush selection of a seven-leg wide-legged pants do not have a longer coat with Oh, you can catch a small jacket, but the length of the jacket can not be too long, more than the hip position is almost the coat is too long but it is short The Wearing a door is the door to learn, and finally Xiaobian and then recommended crush in the selection of wide leg pants and coat color is close to the color or the same color better Oh!