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What kind of clothes with clothes? A pair of boots hold live trend
High boots + long section of high-necked sweater + Messenger bag

jordan 1 Very suitable for lazy winter lady with a black knee high boots with a loose long section of high-necked sweater, jordan 4 back a messenger bag, gives the feeling of lazy, yet fashion sense.

Boots + Cotton Jackets + Leggings + Sweaters

Good khaki winter boots with black leggings quasi-right, and then put on a high collar sweater outside the garrison green cotton jacket, thick street wind, easy to hold the trend with.

Snow boots + sweater coat + leggings + sweater

In the warm and comfortable white white snow boots at the same time, with a special pattern of red sweater coat fashion sense of bursting, wearing a gray leggings and high-necked sweater can glamorous winter.

Boots + horn button coat + floral skirt + leggings

Japanese college style girls with camel stitching boots with the national style of the floral skirt and horns buttoned hat has a very wonderful fashion sense, put on leggings, you can the United States and the United States out of the street ~

Boots + skirt + striped shirt + cotton jacket

Wild fashion brown boots with gray skirt is very good Oh, put jordans for cheap on striped shirt and military green jacket, warm and comfortable winter with, jordan 11 it seems not bloated it!