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What shoes with wide leg pants look good? Did you know everything
Small fairies you will not have this trouble, such as what I want to wear shoes? How to match If you wear the wrong, but also instantly become Ou Bazhong Oh ... ... so wear wide leg pants, with what shoes to say goodbye?

sports shoes:

A pair of sneakers, in fact, can be worn with a wide leg pants leisure fashion sparks Oh, but try not to choose too much color, because it is very difficult to take, you can choose black, white shoes with wide leg pants Oh. Choose sports shoes to match the nude color, light-colored wide-leg pants, shoes can choose the same color, will be more spiritual.

Pointed flat shoes:

jordan 7 Most of the little fairy in order to match the wide leg pants will choose high heels, if you like to show their domineering, neat feminine, you can wear Oh The pursuit of a comfortable little fairy, you can choose a pointed flat shoes with a wide leg pants group CP, but we must remember that the choice of flat jordan 4 shoes must be selected pointed or shallow mouth style, so you can in the low Of the height, is still full of skin color, appears to be long legs.

Lazy shoes:

Lazy shoes is no lace shoes collectively, also called a pedal. Little fairy want to show their own lazy and stylish feeling, you can choose this kind of shoes Oh. With high waist wide leg jeans with the top of the head of the Carrefour shoes, piercing the fans and fans to envy the big long legs. With khaki wide leg pants, then, will increase a retro style Oh.

Shirt selection, small fairies can choose: exposed stomach coat, if your waist is jordans on sale small waist, then wear a stomach coat, will focus on your waist Oh ~ strapless coat, shoulder narrow fairy , You can wear a word shoulder Oh, shoulder width can choose to dig shoulder.

how is it? Small fairies, what are you with shoes to match the wide leg pants?