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Wide leg pants + flat shoes, small man can also have long legs

For our little sister paper who, with long legs is definitely a dream of life, every time to see what the long legs of the sister paper, the heart could not help but envy. However, many stars are not born with long legs, many of them though not so high, but still appear in the lens is still envious of the skyscrapers long legs, just because they will wear, know how to use Clothes, in the visual play to avoid weaknesses. Today to introduce you to the wide leg pants with flat shoes is the same reason, wide leg pants from last year's fire to the present, it's show the effect is no doubt, and it can also wear a good adjustment of the effect of leg The And flat shoes is not only simple and stylish shoes, color is also very diverse, no matter how the match will be very good to see, is the legendary wild shoes, so the sister paper who want to show high, no need to completely rely on high heels, , And comfortable flat shoes as you wear out the skyscrapers to long legs. How can the early spring when the cold hair of a small cloth? This wide leg pants fabric soft and comfortable, particularly high wool content, 60% of the wool content, in the early spring warmth is very good, version of the type just right, will not seem very exaggerated, but also enough atmosphere was thin, high waist design also Able to visually stretch the lower body proportion of Oh.

Pants are suits of the fabric, wear soft and comfortable, drape is very good, is very smooth kind of drape, looks grade is absolutely enough, pants have slits design, just the opening of the design, so that pants Looks like jordans for sale a type of legs, micro-La design, wear full temper Oh Wide leg pants is a special student models, fabric drape particularly good, version of the type of loose, wear a kind of walking with the feeling of the wind, high waist design, able to wear clothing Xiaoman waist feeling, there are huge thin effect The

Like the micro-pants of the sister paper to see over, this pants both wide leg pants elements, trousers and do is the form of micro-La, the combination of two elements of the version, wear it will not have a strange feeling, Clothes with more than ordinary wide leg pants to take a lot, so that the legs look thin and straight Oh. Pointed shoes look a kind of particularly charming feeling, chic knitting stitching, so that shoes look more on the grade of some, and pointed shoes could have been a lot of legs long, fabric soft and comfortable, spring with a skirt will be very beautiful , Sister paper must be. Shoes are too many stars in the wear, retro American music shoes, this shoe is not only comfortable and comfortable to wear, and particularly good with clothes, shoes are really leather material, wear soft and comfortable, inside is leather, wear breathability Especially strong

Grass for a long time a small white shoes, this small white shoes, the big cousin is also very beloved, the whole section of the shoes on the basis of clean and simple looks very tone, shoes, metal hole buckle is a special order, Retro old design to make shoes look more texture. Shoes have a thick Korean Department of gentle flavor, soft and comfortable shoes, version of the type of special, bright dough material to wear is particularly bright, full sense of grade. Senior pu leather fabric, soft and comfortable, sister paper can not miss a good shoe.