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Wide leg pants what shoes jordans on sale look good? Flat shoes easily exposed gas field
cheap jordans for sale Speaking of summer heat and fashion underwear a single product will be a few wide leg pants. Both cool, and very gas field, but also very suitable for small short legs and small thick legs of the sister cheap jordan shoes paper, because all kinds of cover cover! But what about the shoes? Wide leg pants are popular, but also for people of all ages to wear, not how to pick people, but wearing a pair of very casual beach shoes or leather sandals, jordan 12 ldquo; aunt rdquo; is also a moment of things!

Pointed flat shoes

General sister paper with wide leg pants will choose high heels. Pointed high heels and wide leg pants with a high and neat do not have to say, but also very feminine, domineering! But if in order to take care of comfort, pointed flat shoes is also wide leg pants good CP. But we must remember to choose the shallow mouth and pointed style, because only in order to make less ldquo; with rdquo; height of you, still able to fully reveal the color,

A pedal

Sister paper who want to show ldquo; lazy fashionable rdquo ;, that a pair of flat bottom of a pedal, will be able to meet your request. Before the poem on the use of high waist wide legs jeans, with the first side of the first Le Fu shoes, piercing the envy of the big legs. If and khaki wide leg pants with, but also showing a retro style, whether it is the workplace or shopping, can easily become ldquo; fashion up to people rdquo;

sports shoes

In fact, Xiaobian feel sports shoes and wide leg pants, or very difficult to match with the good-looking. Have to match the words, you can choose a small white shoes + white wide leg pants. Choose light-colored, bare color of the wide leg pants + sports shoes, and keep the same color shoes, this will make you look more spiritual! Are these techniques you got?