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Wide leg pants with six shoes, was tall and thin
In the summer, there are always many MM like to wear wide leg pants, presumably a lot of sister's wardrobe also a lot of it, then wide legs pants with what shoes look good? Let's take a look at these fashionable stars.

Flat shoes + wide leg pants

This summer is more popular flat shoes, such as Muller shoes, Mary Jane, etc., with seven points wide leg pants easy to create a comfortable lazy atmosphere, it is suitable for students girl, the workplace OL who choose the tip of the section can also Piercing elegant temperament.

Thick single shoes + striped wide leg pants

White loose jacket with stripes seven points wide leg pants, plus a pair of stylish thick soles of the shoes, a kind of urban small white-collar light new jordan shoes wind blowing.

Pointed high heels + wide leg pants

Pointed high heels to join the strap or buckle design, you can add more fashionable details, even more elegant feminine.

Flat sandals + wide leg pants

Sandals are jordan 10 essential for summer products, with wide leg pants, fresh extra points

Wide leg pants + sports shoes

White sports shoes with cowboy wide leg pants, but also echoes with the shirt color, it is very fresh and natural, late spring and early summer temperament out of the street!

Fine high heels + wide leg pants

Full of feminine fine heels, of course, with leisure wide leg retro jordans for sale pants is also a very good choice, full of professional dress, a pair of high heels, which is a great job with MM Oh

Straw shoes + wide pants

new jordan shoes Straw shoes with wide leg pants, Han Fan full, quite literary and artistic, it is suitable for students party.

Wide leg pants is this season must not miss the choice, and quickly learn to wear these wear it