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Wide leg pants" with what shoes a few single products to meet all your needs!
Wide leg pants is now a very stylish single product, but also a lot of fashion darling darling. Wide leg pants according to the different mix will have a very different style. So, how are the people with wide leg pants?

Wide leg pants with personality high heels. Fish mouth sandals are also more popular fashion single product, this style of fish mouth sandals are very personal, but also in color and clothing and harmony. This style jordan 4 of wide leg pants is easy to make the legs look relatively short, so need to use high heels to lengthen the legs line. And this style of high heels just an important part of the ankle out, visual elongated leg lines.

Black small shoes with wide leg pants is now more common dress. Wide leg pants free and easy and just with the shoes and the tough combination of shoes, giving the feeling of neutral handsome. In winter, in a wide leg pants with a pair of bottom socks, is a good ride to take. Neither bloated nor monotonous.

Slippers-style black shoes look very casual, with malachu green wide leg pants look very personal. Boots with pants wide leg pants do not have some style, unruly boots with handsome wide leg pants, giving a chic fashion feeling. Milk white wide leg pants look more soft, great elegance and elegance.

air jordan Pointed high heels has been the heart of professional women Po. Pointed style of high heels will be limited to the charm of women zoom, and pointed design can also be more feminine feet more elegant and elegant. Cut the fit of the cheap jordans wide leg pants bring a hint of professional demeanor, with the overall harmony and capable. Is a very worthwhile learning model.

Mesh shoes is relatively rare style, but also more difficult with. However, the match in the figure gives a very harmonious feeling. Because this wide leg pants design is very special, so with such shoes will be very nice. So, when we learn with the time, need to pay attention to according to different styles with.