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Wide leg pants with what shoes were thin and high This 4 is enough!
Pointed high heels

Pointed high heels is definitely the best choice for wide leg pants. As the wide leg pants legs more relaxed, so the volume feel more than the other models than the pants more obvious, if blindly with a single shoe like a single product will further intensify the whole bloated feeling, and select the pointed high heels, in the increase The role of the same time, will make your wide cheap jordans for sale leg pants modeling is more light.

Pointed shoes on the feet, the waist below the feeling of all legs are there? If you want to make yourself look more taller, it is best to use pointed shoes with wide leg pants is the best choice.

Cool and thin striped sandals

Summer and ultimately, a variety of cool and nice wild sandals, which is a simple classic word with sandals and wide leg pants is the day of the match. Simple word with a design, you can maximize the exposed feet of the area, and wide leg pants together with the right leg length. If you want to be comfortable and fashionable, then a pair of words with thick sandals is the best choice.

With a word with sandals the best choice for eight or nine pants long wide leg pants, a word with the design to further highlight the slender ankle, will make you look more jordan 10 slender tall.

High is not tired of the pointed flat shoes

Fear of high heels tired and worried about flat shoes were short crush to see over, with pointed flat shoes to match the wide leg pants will definitely be your best choice. And more extended out of a few centimeters of the toes triangle area, you can make you in the visual moment was significantly higher.

jordan shoes If you wear a basic section of the tip of flat shoes, you can choose a pair of retro art Mary Jane pointed shoes. The two tapes on the upper is its characteristics, with wide leg pants can wear a different kind of retro charm, so you from the summer to the beautiful autumn.

Wild sports shoes

Wide leg pants and sneakers has been the highest shot in the street shooting mix and match, handsome casual fashion bursting. Everyone is a pair of rhythm of hand, with wide leg pants is also very fashionable look. If you do not want to have their own personality can also choose a small black shoes, absolutely handsome bursting.

Said so much, did you learn it? Autumn to a variety of beautiful and beautiful wide leg pants and different shoes can not match the shape of the United States and the United States. Absolutely let you turn the United States this fall ~