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  • Girls, flat sandals can wear the same fashion
    A pair of nice shoes is not jordan 4 only very eye-catching, but also on the shape also played a role in the finishing touch, for the summer, the favorite sandals was undoubtedly flat sandals, simple style, atmospheric fashion style, light to no waste, Moving to bit by bit. For flat sandals there are many different elements, such as lace, fish mouth, toe, one word buckle, etc., each element has its different style, each style has their common characteristics.

    Lace flat sandals

    If you are tired of the sports shoes, and not cold high heels, then this strap with flat shoes design is your best choice; strap design is not only modified monotonous feet, but also make the legs look slender slender, So that the feet more fit the upper; wild style, it will be casual jeans or temperament dress match, have the feeling of the girl from the age of the United States, the United States have no effort, easy to wear a dynamic sense of playful.

    Toe flat sandals

    cheap jordans Generous and simple toe sandals, casual fashion, personality, but also can play a solid role, even if the sweat, still can be very chic, give you a stable and comfortable and natural. Toe simple accessories style, can add a touch of the overall style of the unique style, with a long skirt, casual pants will be able to travel the United States and the United States, the atmosphere comfortable and stylish and charming.

    Fish air jordan mouth flat sandals

    Fashion sense of the strong mouth of the fish mouth, so that your feet shine; for the feet are not perfect girl, a pair of flat-bottomed fish mouth is the best choice, while the feet can also give feet Bring the most comfortable experience, simple wild models, whether it is with casual denim shorts or lazy bohemian dress, do not have a flavor, casual with sex.

    2017-06-21 19:40:41
  • What kind of shoes? With the influx of people learn, easy to wear out the trend of wind
    A playful denim skirt, is our youth memory is essential to exist. Filled with youthful denim skirt, in the spring of this year with lightning to occupy the fashion circle, sister who are invariably put on the denim skirt, to the world that the vitality of youth, spring infinite good, we are Fanghua But you really wear it right? Different styles of denim skirt with the shoes is not the same Oh.

    Denim skirt with canvas shoes

    Denim skirt with canvas shoes are very range of children Oh, the color of the shoes are also recommended to choose monochrome and no color, more wild real wear, such as black, white and red. T-shirt can also be based on the choice of color with the shoes, so that more uniform and consistent shape. Of course, if the shoes themselves are no color, then the shirt can easily take friends. As long as the overall color is not more than jordan 10 three like, learn to control the color and echo the color with the superior is essential yo, fashion mushroom must learn Oh.

    Cowboy dress with small white shoes

    cheap jordans online Small white shoes new jordans is nowadays more popular style, with denim skirt relatively fresh and tender, suitable for walking out of the street or travel Oh! Can also be a corresponding choice of white single product, such as fresh white letters T-shirt or temperament white shirt, comfort and color echoes with the shoes, so that more uniform shape superior. Bags choose a very liberal arts bag or bag is very Fan children, coupled with a baseball cap, full college Fan children.

    Denim dress with sandals

    Strap sandals is nowadays one of the more popular shoes, very simple design is very trendy. Color recommended to choose a black or slightly with a sense of style design, because nowadays popular simple wind, so the shoes or to the colorless and monochrome-based, wild and really wear Oh. With a shoulder bag is very girl atmosphere, coupled with a modern atmosphere full of sunglasses, minutes and seconds change fashion icon oh.

    2017-06-21 19:39:36
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