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  • Hepburn style dresses are popular in 2018, and they are more elegant with these 5 pairs of shoes!
    retro jordans for sale With black canvas shoes

    1, 2018 Hepburn style dress is very popular, classic wild black, who wear a good-looking models, this fake two-piece design of the dress, outside the use of interesting wave tulle, looks sexy feminine, The neckline is accompanied by a thin bandage bow, which is very beautiful jordan 12 and graceful. It is very beautiful, with a cotton dress inside. The upper body is skin-friendly and comfortable in the summer. It is very sweat-absorbent. With classic black canvas shoes, it will make you temperament. More casual and elegant, super beautiful.

    With white Mueller shoes

    2, Hepburn style dress is how to retro jordans wear will not outdated style, black and white wild fashion, the overall loose style, was thinner and better effect of Tibetan meat, sling + word shoulder design, highlights the woman's charm, elegant and new jordans generous, Small V collar with lace lace, romantic and sweet ~ wave elements of this year's popular set in one, playful with a dreamy atmosphere, elastic waist, highlight the waist curve, outline a good figure, with white shoes, overflowing beauty bloom Throughout the summer.

    With white shoes

    3. Hepburn Style Black Skirt, popular in 2018, is a very minimalist style design. Girls who prefer simple style should not miss it. The micro A character version, the length below the buttocks, and visually gives the waist below The sense of both legs, easy to put on a long leg, a slim waist design, this skirt is very thin and oh, is also very good-looking, with wild white shoes, will let you Temperament is more elegant.

    With high heels

    4, elegant round neck Hepburn style dress, mouth is a perspective design of mesh, with a bit sexy feminine, sleeveless design, summer upper body fresh and stylish, waist design, concave shape, with a thin The effect is very Western style, the stitching design of the lower body mesh, highlighting the sense of hierarchy, straight-tube version, basically do not pick people to wear Oh, was thin to cover the meat, the position of the skirt at the knee, the golden dividing line, elongated proportion, High leg length, with black high heels, more elegant fashion, want to have the elegant atmosphere of Hepburn, then this Hepburn style dress should not miss ~

    With a word with a single shoes

    5. The Hepburn little black dress with collar straps and floral embellishments make you very happy at first glance. Very elegant and feminine, cleverly showing women's elegant side, taking a white T-shirt, simple Also beautiful and beautiful, with a single button buckle shoes, the overall LOOK girl feelings of vitality, you want elegant temperament, choose this quasi-wrong

    2018-05-22 18:48:59
  • What are the matching of pants and shoes? Give cheap jordans for sale you different inspiration
    In addition to the two-piece outfit, the jumpsuit is also in the forefront of fashion. I believe that many fairy are keen on the combination of white shoes jordan shoes and jumpsuits, but to be different, a pair of white shoes is too easy. Overbearing friends.

    The match of fashion industry is still a lot of choices of jumpsuits, do not fall behind, follow the trend, these several jumpsuits match the shoes for the little fairies is the fashion cheer, what together have to match it!


    Strap shoulder cheap jordans online eight-piece jumpsuit with fish head buckle sandals. The jumpsuit has a sense of design. The strap is designed with a shoulder to show the curve of the shoulder and neck. The collar of the word shoulder is added to the design of the lotus leaf. It looks sweet and fresh. And the style is classic, the other waist is designed to be the style of the waist belt. It is not necessary to say that the fairy is also aware of it. Sandals are very refreshing and breathable in summer, and the small fairies with thick feet or thick footplates choose fishbone sandals, which is very inclusive.

    cheap jordan shoes Look2:

    It's not enough to just dress cool, and a pair of pointed slippers and jumpsuits look even more casual and relaxed. The skin-friendly fabric with a pair of high-blue, blue-and-white jumpsuits will give you an extraordinary sense of temperament. The waist is also a drawstring waist design, so that the fine fairy's slim waist highlights. Fashion with a three-dimensional square bag, not only capacity, with this body with a very coordinated.


    White sleeveless trousers without sleeves, the upper body is a slim version, so it is not much to say thin. The lower body is a loose version of the Siamese Pants, which is very much covered with meat. White is a certain challenge for the little fat little fairy, if the perfect body shape is easy to control. With a pair of silver buckled sandals on the feet, although the bodysuits are longer, it is precisely because of this that the looming design is very attractive!


    Milky jumpsuits do not have a white jumpsuit to go through, this summer fairy has to like to start one piece pants? The white is not afraid of the sun, and it is white, and the little fairies can hold it. Choose a pair of pointed flat shoes, wear a hollow design must not sweat. With a straw hat, the hat must be bigger and smaller.


    The denim clothing's jumpsuit has a good texture, and the 2018 literary tide is reflected in the matching of the jumpsuit. For example, the wrinkled surface brings out the old and old clothing feeling, and it easily wears a sense of literature and art. The high-heeled black sandals show performance. Power is very strong, black looks noble and elegant, plus denim jumpsuit blessing, gas field is stronger.

    The jumpsuit in the jumpsuit has not decided how to match a pair of suitable shoes, learn the small series of these sorts of collocation methods, easy to solve with the problem, the little fairies have got to the shoes with it?

    2018-05-20 18:53:37
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