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  • Shoes + with, do not know the speed onlookers!
    NO.1 gold

    Who does not like more flash in life? If you do not like too shiny dress or decorative accessories, then try low-key and texture of the gold high heels, it is also very wild color, with most of the clothes to show a different style, in addition to gold is also very noble , And gold with the most color is: red, black, blue, red wine, white.

    NO.2 red

    Red is a very sexy color, red lips, red high heels, red tight skirt are sexy representatives, and in the workplace is the power of the show, full of jordan 11 gas field. Red is also a symbol of wild, if you think life is too flat, red is your best choice. With red high heels with excellent colors: dark blue, pink, orange, black and white, neutral color.

    NO.3 blue

    For most girls, the blue high heels seems to be bad control. If you mix with the wrong color, you will indeed look like new jordan shoes a blue wizard. But the most important thing is that the blue is actually able to match with a number of tones, without your imagination is difficult to close. And blue with excellent color: white, green, yellow, brown, neutral color.

    jordans on sale NO.4 green

    Do you want to be envious? Then add some fresh green to your dress among them, which the effect of green high heels is absolutely better than you imagine. Green with changing colors, with more style, you will find the green high heels is also very fine to highlight the texture. With green color: black, brown, yellow, blue, neutral color.

    NO.5 orange

    Orange is one of the best shoes in summer, it can create a fun and stylish style. Orange is suitable for the warm summer, but also for the cold winter, as long as you color is good: white, red, yellow, blue, earth color.

    NO.6 Purple

    Although most of the shoes can match your daily dress, but purple seems to create a fashion problem, although the color is noble, but bad match a lot of clothing. If you like this color, may wish air jordan to personally try to color, to see which effect is more suitable for their own. With purple with good effect of color: pink, green, dark blue, neutral color.

    2017-07-24 19:30:57
  • Dress with what shoes look good? Get got it
    Dress with what shoes look good clever ride high-heeled sandals a new high

    One of the most popular retro jordans for sale fashion items in spring, not only can show the perfect body is to highlight the temperament of the pros and cons of weapons, that summer dress with what shoes look good? Today for everyone to bring a dress with high-heeled sandals, so that you change the second Summer small people.

    Dress + red high heels

    With the high-heeled sandals, as the highlight of the whole body wear, plus the With the color of the chain of the decorations, filled with full of light Mature charm.

    Lace dress + white high-heeled sandals

    With a pair of white lace dress with a pair of simple white high-heeled sandals jordans on sale with, although it is a very simple white, but revealing a deep sweet and ladies Fan, accompanied by light green chain bag, very summer style wear Oh, oh

    Dress with what shoes look good clever ride high-heeled sandals out of the new high (2)

    Printed A word dress + red high heels

    With Aspect: A version of the type of card + doll collar, both the weight-loss effect and sweet age, with the bright red high-heeled sandals with a little addicted to a small woman, wearing a pair of high heels out of the street will become a little bright spot.

    cheap jordans online Ponce A word dress + dark green high-heeled sandals

    With a pair of dark green high-heeled sandals, very consistent with the whole dress, if you air jordan wear flat shoes, may not be so no effect, but also a lot of money, So it is not recommended to wear flat shoes.

    2017-07-24 19:30:32
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