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  • How is the dress with shoes? This match makes you tall and thin
    Every girl in the pursuit of how to wear a very thin method of the door, you want to be significantly tall, not only to pick the clothes for their own body, even the shoes can not relax, the right clothes and shoes with your value can be doubled The

    Solid color vest with high waist floral package hip skirt, coupled with the camel high-heeled sandals, a refreshing summer dress to get friends ~ ~ high waist skirt so that the proportion of body has been improved, with the addition of shoes, More tall, no matter when the high jordan 13 heels is definitely a small child girls increase the weapon, black single product was regarded as a thin single product, and cowboy is also a popular element, this black cowboy package hip skirt, fabric soft and comfortable, even if Is a simple T-shirt can wear a different style. The small V-neck, showing a sexy clavicle, but also a good modification of the face, the sleeve is the ear of the ear, played a good cover the meat effect, with a short skirt, or wide leg pants are very Fan.

    Solid color short jacket with high waist wide jordan 12 leg pants, looming skin, so that the focus is focused on the upper body, stretching the lower body ratio, so that the legs more slender, leisure wide leg pants add a bit casual, black boots So that the overall dress looks cool, revealing sexy ankles, both fashion and sexy, if you feel unable to master with the skills, then the choice of suit in the appropriate, but not only save time, but also eliminates the trouble with the suit , The upper body was very temperament, refreshing sleeveless design, giving a neat and delicate feeling, subtle round neck convergence of the sleeveless of publicity, a bit valiant heroic feeling, waist bow tie and lilac lace waist, To create the upper body asymmetry of the visual effects, pulled up the proportion of the waist, a bit more fashionable fashionable taste.

    This immortal chiffon wear a very fairy sense ~ fabric silk wrinkles, very texture of the material irregular shape is a sense of structure, lower body can be used with hot pants and sandals, it is a sense of fashion.

    Casual letter sweater with jeans, sports shoes, very college with the wind, a little more lively and youthful sense, long section of the skirt must have a lot of sister's favorite, for the legs are not perfect for the dry mushroom is the welfare , Can be a good modification of the legs, play the effect of blocking the meat, just right of the fork, get rid of the dull design, a little more playful and Smart, looming, both view, but also add a bit of feminine beauty. Very national style of a skirt, chiffon fabric, upper body comfortable and light, geometric pattern is very chic sensation, patchwork skirt, in the visual so that the legs are more slender, with the split design, it is Have a feminine taste.

    air jordans for sale Comfortable corridor wide leg pants, can be a good modification of the leg type, for the legs are not perfect for the dry mushroom, the loose wide leg pants, can play a good cover the meat effect, wide leg pants because of its Take the characteristics jordan 10 of the past two years swept the fashion circle, just free with a T-shirt, it is very free and easy temperament. Free with a pair of small white shoes, with the dress is like Fan Fan Fan full. Sexy strapless coat with nine points wide leg pants, very stylish with a pair of simple sandals, a little more casual sense of ease.

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  • White shoes with what pants look elegant sweet and free to switch
    Small white shoes with pictures, the popularity of small white shoes, I do not have to say, almost a pair of men and women feet, in addition to a lot of brand, wear is more rich. Today we come to see what the white shoes with pants look good!

    White shoes + denim nine pants

    Small white shoes, sports wind on behalf of. Small white shoes coupled with nine pants shape, it is the advantage of long legs to the extreme. If you feel jordan 13 that your weakness is in terms of height, it does not matter, in a cowboy pants with pants can help you change the short legs of the trouble, the moment was thin and legs long Oh, this is the short girl is thin Prepare a single product Oh

    White shoes + self-cultivation pencil pants

    White shoes elegant and pure, high compatibility, and low-key full of fashion sense. And with a pencil pants will look particularly long legs, full of youthful vitality of the taste, want to make their own pencil pants filled with new clothes, cortex, holes and other personality elements are a good choice Oh!

    Small white shoes + shorts

    Summer is the most common with T-shirts and denim shorts, plus a pair of small white shoes, highlight the youthful vitality, relaxed and simple.

    Small white shoes + wide leg pants

    Wide leg pants jordan 7 do not pick the legs do not pick people, comes with neutral tough jordans for cheap ability, with a small white shoes to wear and then fit. Low-key combination of black and white, to create a simple sense of hierarchy.

    Blue dress dress two sets of yarn

    With different colors, light blue more easily with shoes. Tops and skirts are cotton materials, comfortable and breathable. With denim jacket or denim skirt is a good choice.

    Korean version of the short section of denim jacket

    Model effect map is the yarn skirt with denim jacket feel, very casual and comfortable. Coastal travel sunscreen must, look good and mirror.

    Tassel cowboy skirt waist

    High waist design can easily show the waist, elongated stature, visual effects are significantly thin Skirt fringed tassels to add a sense of design, not easy to Zhuangshan.

    Striped embroidered t-shirt

    Striped elements are classic, not limited to age. Black and white hit the color was fresh and dynamic. Accompanied by simple letters, a little handsome street style.

    Sleeveless harness dress v collar

    Short paragraph dress height is not limited, do not pick people. Strap design behind the back of the skin more delicate white, elegant and charming.

    Lucy small fresh beach skirt dress

    Like fresh art of MM, recommended floral skirt. Though it is harness design, it is very pure ladies. With the arc of the word shoulder design to modify the slender shoulder.

    retro jordans for sale Chiffon shirt with a collar

    Chiffon shirt compared to other fabrics, is more mature and intellectual. Office workers, or participate in interviews are appropriate.

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