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  • Black high heels with Europe and the United States to teach you how to create large names
    Your shoe is not a pair of high-heeled shoes but never wear out the door? I feel more formal no place to wear? In fact, as one of the most wild color black, black high heels no matter what with the contrary. But you think that black high heels can only wear clothing OL commuter Fan children?

    The queen should be like this

    With a pair of black high-heeled shoes to match, the typical OL dress up, the most beautiful black suit pants, and then a pair of black high heels to match, the typical OL dress , This body bias Japanese style, can be used for OL reference. Right figure with: coat + skirt, inside the sweater and shirt are also indispensable, lower body can wear tights, you can also choose to mix with skirts, put on pantyhose and high heels, beautiful image came out.

    Mashup of the retro with black high heels

    Mix and match the retro style is the most popular fashion coffee try to dress a dress style, seemingly simple and casual with the fact is full of careful care. A "boyfriend" retro cowboy jacket with orange print skirt, blue flower pattern and orange skirt hit color design is very eye-catching, take a black sweater and black chain package personalized modern, this time if the lack of A pair of black high heels, the whole body will score half, there are single product details can not be missed - modeling exaggerated retro sunglasses. Black high heels with just want to be easy

    Before buying black high heels is to make themselves look competent, so that they "pretend to be mature", and later found that this is not the case, put the pair of black high heels forever on the corner. In fact, black high heels is essential for each quarter of the popular elements, the major brands are also competing in the black high heels on the article, from the very simple color of the basic models to the color splicing, metal elements, different materials, "Evolution Edition" Diversified design is bright. At first you in order to make yourself "serious" up the shoes can also wear out with the feeling of Oh!

    One pants with black high heels

    Demonstration 1: Navy blue one-piece pants + sapphire suit jacket + black high heels

    retro jordans for sale Demonstration two: black one-piece pants + black open high-heeled shoes

    Demonstration three: white Siamese pants + black patent leather high heels + gold handbag

    Suit with black high heels

    Demonstration 1: gray suit suit + white shirt + black high heels

    Demonstration two: black suit suit + white shirt + jordan 11 black pointed high heels

    Demonstration three: black striped suit suit + white V collar shirt + black high shoes + black shoulder bag

    Pants with black high heels

    Demonstration 1: wide-brimmed sunglasses + blue short paragraph shirt + blue shoulder bag + white high waist suit pants + black high heels

    Demonstration two: white shirt + black suit high waist pants + mixed handbag + black high heels

    Demonstration three: wide side zebra pattern sunglasses + word shoulder design coat + black suit trousers + black high heels + black handbag

    Skirt with black high heels

    Demonstration one: black vest style dress + black high-heeled sandals

    Demonstration two: black cap jordan 4 + black belt dress + waist dress shirt + black high heels

    Demonstration three: white thin with deep V dress + beige handbag + black high heels

    2017-05-24 19:55:13
  • What pants with shoes?
    Wear out the youthful vitality and fashion tide Speaking of summer the most comfortable and cool to wear, certainly not the T-shirt + shorts CP combination. Do not like a dress as very ladies, and do not have to wear pants as hot. Five pants can show girls handsome neat side and fashion trend. That so practical pants with what shoes more suitable for it?

    jordan 11 One: five pants + high heels

    Pants with what shoes look good, in the eyes of many people are leisurely representatives of the pants, that pants only fit with canvas shoes flat shoes, in fact, pants can also be used with high heels Oh. With a pair of high-heeled sandals, showing the sexy between the ankle, more calf slender. In addition to thin long high heels, thick and wedge heels are also pants "good partner" Oh. Thick high with the height of the soles of height, so that the legs, especially the legs of the girls tend to pay off the trouble, set off the legs of the slender. Of course, five pants with high heels have a unified requirement is the version of the type to be biased in self-cultivation, so as to highlight the feminine Oh

    Two: five pants + sports shoes

    For sloppy pants, with high heels is a good choice, but for loose version of the type of casual pants with a pair of sports shoes is more appropriate. Leisure and loose pants and sports shoes with, wear out the youthful vitality and fashion tide.

    Three: five pants + slippers

    What pants with shoes? For the literary and informal young women, in the summer wearing loose pants + slippers is indeed a very good choice, home free to enjoy the summer. Wearing slippers, loose shorts + T-shirt in the evening is very walking in the river walk, quietly enjoy the summer wind to bring the cool. Is also very comfortable.

    Four: five pants + flat shoes

    If you like elegant ladies style, then pants with ladies flat shoes is very suitable for Oh Knee pants with ladies flat shoes, not only can highlight the proportion of your body, even if the work is no problem wearing.

    Five: five pants + with cheap jordans canvas shoes

    If you like casual style, you can choose pants with canvas shoes. Recommended upper body with T-shirts, shirts and the like casual wear, so that the shape can maintain a sense of balance. A skin care comfortable T-shirt fresh breathable, with bright pants and black canvas shoes, the overall shape of casual with a stylish temperament.

    Six: five pants + boots

    If you like handsome modern style, then, with five pants with the most suitable boots. In the early autumn season, you can choose the lines of tough dark blue short jacket, lined with jordan 4 high-necked shirt more highlights the short coat of handsome, pants and long boots with the chic temperament to upgrade.

    2017-05-24 19:54:00
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