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  • These shoes with clothes, but also look better than white shoes
    Whether it is with the youth of casual wear, small fresh dress, or hot sexy vest shorts, wild little white shoes, small white shoes have always been everyone's favorite.

    But the shoe, only a color of the shoes is not some monotonous it? In fact, these shoes with clothes, look better than a small white shoes Oh!

    First, the British college wind Oxford shoes

    Bright black color, simple version of the type, coupled with fashionable buckle. This rich British wind shoes, whether it is with a coat, or with a skirt can hold the cheap jordans for sale atmosphere of the atmosphere.

    Second, the Korean version of the cowboy jordan 7 thick sandals shoes

    Like a small fresh sister can choose this shoe, light color, classic version of the type, whether it is with youth casual wear, or pure skirt can reveal a small fresh taste.

    Third, the round robe within the increase shoes

    air jordans for sale Black with cool patterns, the increase in the design of people was significantly tall and thin wood! This shoe denim, shorts, shirt no matter how to wear, are wild!

    Four, deep mouth pointed rough with sexy OL high heels

    Simple design, exquisite little details, elegant pearl feeling, reflects the avant-garde arrogant and elegant subtle beauty. This shoe is suitable for light mature women with jordans for cheap a decent dress and elegant dress,

    Five, one word buckle hollow tip fine with high heels

    Solid color, thin heel, thin buckle, this shoe is absolutely sexy mature women's favorite. With a sexy long skirt, hot shorts is the most appropriate.

    2017-09-19 19:50:13
  • One can match all the clothes of the shoes, so you no longer wear for the trouble
    Clothes we need to say, it is better jordan 13 to see this can meet the clothes with the shoes, so that we do not have to wear and bother, if you really lazy, you can also according to gourd painting scoop the whole set of copy Kazakhstan.

    LOOK 1: black short T-shirt + straight jeans + lace small white shoes

    Slim high waist short sets of T-shirt, Slim version of the design, highlighting the proportion of women caused by bumps, with a simple small straight to highlight the fashion trend, and the upper body is also very thin and beautiful.

    LOOK 2: white shirt + small jeans + casual white shoes

    This is a stylish classic wear, with a simple white shirt + black casual suit, at first glance may be outside the standard professional dress, but tight feet jeans + leisure small white shoes cheap jordans for sale into the dress for this body Add a lot of casual atmosphere, but also very stylish classic.

    LOOK 3: Striped T-shirt + white wide leg pants + leisure small white shoes

    retro jordans Classic navy wind black and white striped T-shirt, upper body is very thin and beautiful, with loose white wide leg pants, bring out the women's slender legs, classic lace with small white shoes, walking comfort, the overall shape is very The fashionable atmosphere.

    A pair of winding feet ankle strap shoes is the most magical weapon, no matter how you wear, a pair of strap shoes can make you full of gas, and instantly spike passer A.

    Wild black, comfortable flat, so you go to work or shopping without pressure, simple and generous style, with the clothes to be more handy, Phnom Penh heel embellishment, so that shoes super eye-catching, become the crowning touch.

    Shallow shoes, exposed with the foot of the foot and the curve will be a good convergence of the legs, so that legs look more slender, wearing flat shoes can make you seconds to change the long legs, with skirt or small pants are Super oh oh ~ let you gas field full!

    Very retro wind flat shoes, add a ribbon strap design, adding a little girl's sweet feeling, jordan sneakers so that the style of the ankle more flavor, the appropriate number of yards so you do not have the return of the troubles, come a pair of the United States and the United States To date!

    2017-09-19 19:48:55
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