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  • With classic shoes, how to match the winter are beautiful
    Thousands of miles trip, beginning with the next step, shoes for every woman has a very important, not only to comfort, but also wild, and sometimes a classic paragraph of the shoes is the crowning touch of your body shape.

    Small white shoes

    Slightly concerned about the fashion of people are certainly no stranger to the small white shoes throughout 2016 are very popular, the heat has been extended to winter, white shoes Joker effect is naturally great, spring and autumn with jeans and jacket, winter When wearing coat is also very stylish. Small white shoes simple atmosphere, stylish and wild, you can easily control any style, simple and not simple atmospheric style, very obvious temperament.

    Chelsea boots

    To say that the most practical winter wild style or to a few simple atmosphere and warm Chelsea boots, do not pick the leg type, with the same color boots with pants can also make you heard the long legs of both vision, simplicity is not simple, with Coat is perfect, let you easily wear a sense of fashion sense. Cool and stylish Chelsea boots, simple atmosphere, the key is comfortable wild, thickening inside and velvet, better thermal performance, with the same color feet pants, legs were fashionable.

    jordan 7 Sponge cake shoes

    Sponge cake casual shoes at the end of age, most suitable with skirts, simple atmosphere of the style, fashion and wild, with the college style air jordans for sale of art fan children's skirt, is a combination of age reduction, simple style of the atmosphere You easily wear fashion sense of luxury. This is a fashion shoes, stylish and lovely rabbit hair age and was superior, more comfortable to wear, today is very popular plus a little hair jordans for sale style, simplicity is not simple.

    Over knee boots

    Over-knee boots can be said that the standard winter, with a coat, loose sweater skirts, can let you wear loose tight effect will not appear bloated, of course, the appropriate exposed meat will be stylish and stylish, but the big winter Or with a leggings was more warm. No pair of handsome knee boots really do not know how you winter, winter you accidentally become bloated, fashion thin knee boots are undoubtedly the best choice for winter fashion.

    Understandably best with the best but do not understand the crush, or learn to ride more important.

    2017-12-13 17:57:45
  • What kind of boots with good-looking clothes to wear on the goddess
    Short boots with short skirts

    Short boots with a skirt is super-modified with the leg type, can well reflect the legs of the lines, always show your charming charm, in the cold winter, but also gives a lower body visual sense of missing, so Can not help but want to see you two more eyes, since you are no longer a passerby.

    cheap jordans for sale Missing underwear has always been the unbeaten fashion dress rule, choose low-heeled boots have the air jordan effect of lengthening the legs, the South's sister can also try this wear, but I believe the fairy in the north have completely hold Live it But do not worry, you can take a piece of leggings of the same color in the lower body, warm and stylish. The same visual sense, is not bad at all!

    Long sweater / sweater with short boots

    The same is the lower body with the missing, white letters sweater take black boots, black chain bag is the highlight of the overall embellishment, this body look really wear or high. Such a stylish mix, absolutely not wrong!

    Short boots with long skirts

    With long skirts to match the boots, revealing the perfect lines of some calves, revealing the faint little sexy, is definitely the most "careful machine" wear law.

    Booties with jeans

    Retro fashion jeans can definitely contract all your shoes, of course, including these pairs of fashionable boots. Everyone in the wear of jeans like when the trousers pull, then, when wearing short boots, we must find out the skills, or else it will affect your image, Xiaobian suggest here, in general, unless you Is a tall, otherwise it is not recommended to pull the legs so wide, the safest way is to pull the legs thin and narrow.

    Booties with leather cheap jordans pants

    Leather pants are tight-fitting design, easier integration of short boots create a sense of extension, will visually bring significant effect. Worried about exposed ankle cold, you can choose a leather pants to match, warm and concave shape. Cool fashion with the cold winter, not dull!

    Boots + wide-leg pants

    Wide-leg fashion, is popular from the summer to winter, the most fashionable single product. And for the legs are not particularly perfect girl, wide leg pants is the best choice. And wide-leg pants and boots with the obvious high effect is great stick ~

    2017-12-11 17:44:12
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