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  • White dress with what shoes look good
    Every woman's wardrobe in the undoubtedly a skirt is a white dress, in the hot summer, a white dress will be able to bring you cool and fashion, then Xianer gas full of white dress with what shoes more suitable for it?

    White dress + ankle boots

    With Aspect: white dress with black ankle boots simply chic to burst, very rock girl Fan children. If you do not worry about the heat, you can consider such a match. At the same time, it is recommended in the summer when the weather is slightly cool when the mix, or wear in the room with a black Messenger bag, chain bag or hand bag are very Fan, so simple black and white gas field is very strong Oh.

    White dress + high heels

    retro jordans With high-heeled shoes with pure temperament, and brown, nude color or wine red style is also different, can be based on the high-heeled shoes, Their hair color or with the bag to determine the color of shoes, in short, black and white is absolutely not wrong.

    White dress + thick jordan 10 heels

    With Aspect: white dress with thick heels increased and very atmospheric, very suitable for small pieces of mushroom cool try. Recommended the preferred white style, because it can echo with the dress color, so that more harmonious shape of the beauty, but also more steal the mirror, matched with a white hat, full of idyllic style.

    White dress + flat shoes

    With the point of view: white dress with flat shoes comfortable and sweet, flat shoes recommended to choose the style of the legs can lengthen the leg lines at the same time, the design of the ankle lace is nowadays more popular elements, you can consider buying Oh. buy jordans Color or devaluation black and white, if it is out of the street, then the more recommended red, Western style and full of vitality, or like a sapphire blue, dark green is also very outstanding.

    White dress + sandals

    With Aspect: white dress with a cool sand is naturally out of the street or home preferred, it is recommended to choose a simple style of sandals, into the metal elements more personalized and fashionable.

    White dress + high heels

    With Aspect: white dress with high-heeled sandals is very suitable for the summer, but also more suitable for the workplace lady wear, whether it is with a white dress or wrap skirt

    And other other products are very temperament and exquisite, of course, the color is the most important black or white, or choose the shape of the existing color, this will be more coordinated and resistant to see Oh.

    Color lace harness dress + flat sandals + white Messenger bag + sunglasses

    With Aspect: white dress dress is very steal the light, together with lace material both sexy and fresh. Accessories on the selection of exquisite necklace new jordans to break the chest dull, and white oblique

    Saturator more gas field. Comfortable flat shoes also bring a trace of cool summer style, is simply a perfect summer out of the street look.

    2017-05-23 20:19:54
  • Men's shoes with a gentleman began with a single step
    More and more men know: gentleman's degree begins. The art of wearing shoes is not seeking meritorious but no, shoes should be seamless with a dress, rather than let people see your shoes at first glance. Shoes can only be a supporting role, supporting role has a supporting role, light can not cover the protagonist.

    Lace shoes look more formal than the boat shoes, the traditional British-style three-shoe is now very fashionable, wearing look will be seen as "mold".

    The most suitable is of course fashion shoes, men's fashion shoes is actually with sports shoes or slippers style shoes, comfortable and comfortable to wear, but also appear in the more formal occasions.

    Male shoes are the most practical black, followed by dark brown. Shallow soil yellow, light gray and white shoes, although wearing a lot of people, jordans for sale but by the clothing color restrictions too much, especially the shallow soil yellow shoes, regardless of what color is what the overall taste is not high. Shoes and socks have a subtle relationship between the color, black flower socks is a more appropriate one; monochrome and dark socks in the match with the shoes have advantages, including flesh, black, brown and dark blue can usually with a variety of Color shoes match, the role of socks is to accompany the shoes, and subtle pants and shoes to coordinate up.

    The Oxford shoes are British Oxford students against the boots and invented the shoes, is lower than the ankle of the lace is loaded with leather shoes, shoes and shoes is the most basic. Need to pay attention to the color is the color of the shoes should choose a darker than the color of the clothes.Light-colored shoes or socks will attract the attention of others to the foot, with the line of sight to the lower body, will appear shorter. Color or gray suit with brown or black leather shoes, brown tones set with brown leather shoes. Harder with the color of the suit is best to wear brown shoes, so that will be foolproof.

    Dress with tips according to the style of clothing, to match the shape of a toe. Loose suit suitable for wearing round shoes, tight jordan 10 suit suitable for wearing leather shoes, so that even more fashionable. Moreover, the pants long enough to cover the upper trousers most appropriate. Leather shoes with 30 mm most suitable, heel height of 5.5 ~ 6 cm, Shoe race should be 4 to 5. And then tied shoelaces, if the rest of the shoelace is too long, not beautiful.

    Men's casual shoes with a sense of comfortable leisure style no fixed with the law, but the sports shoes or stressed the comfortable soft shoes (moccasin) with what

    air jordans for sale Are well matched, loved by the people. , Is a part of the soles directly connected to the front of the shoe, then the front of the shoe to U-shaped stitching around the style. Comfortable and capable design, not only for casual wear, but also with the dress is also very good match.

    Casual shoes the whole pair of shoes is like a golden armor of gold holy warrior, quite king style. Has always been to take the Latin wind route also launched a very bright-hyun gold running shoes, wearing a foot and small.

    Solid color casual shoes have come to an end, the two-color mix or multi-color casual shoes new jordans with the popular consumer favorite. Different color scheme shows a different style: pink and black with, gentle and calm; black and white with, showing a distinctive personality; pink and black with, lively and lovely.

    2017-05-23 20:19:24
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